“One who sleeps under a quilt is comforted by love…”


As a guide, below are examples of prices for EDGE TO EDGE quilting – Prices are subject to change from time to time. Firm quote given at the time of order.

* Edge to Edge – a repeated pattern quilted in rows across the quilt, from top to bottom – average cost based from $5.00 sq. ft. My minimum charge is $50 – examples of average prices below, which do not include extra time needed for “Quilting Out” any issues or preparing your top or backing (refer Quilt Preparation charge below).

Lap size, say 55 x 60” $115
Lap size, say 60 x 65” $135
Single 54” x 75” $145
Double 80” x 90” $250
Queen 90” x 100” $315

* See Quilt Preparation section for any extra costs which may apply e.g. trimming, joining or extending your backing if needed – $25 per hour or part thereof.

I do not charge a set up or consultation fee.  A thread charge of $5 – $10 applies, depending on the size of your quilt and density of the design. If you request dense quilting, a surcharge applies for extra machine running time and thread.


I am happy to give you a preliminary quote based on the size of your quilt. You can phone or email me. Simply give me the width and the length of your quilt (in inches) and I will work it out. Otherwise, multiply the length x width, divide by 144, then multiply by $cost per sq ft.


You can pay either a 50% deposit, or the full quoted figure before I commence your quilt. Any balance is payable at time of pick up.
We accept cash, direct deposit, or credit card (1.5% surcharge applies).

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