Quilt preparation by you

“When life gives you scraps, make a quilt”

My quilting prices are based on the assumption that your top, backing and wadding are presented in the following manner, ready to be mounted on the machine, without any adjustments by me. If you wish me to do any of the items below, I will charge $25 per hour:

Stay stitching – please machine stitch around all 4 sides of your quilt top, about ¼” in. This will help to stabilise the top and prevent stretching on the frame.

Quilt top – must be trimmed straight and square on all sides. I will measure to check that the lengths and the widths are even.

Backing and wadding – must be cut straight and square, and at least 4” wider than the quilt top on ALL sides i.e.. at least 8″ larger than the length and width of your quilt top e.g. if your quilt top is 50 x 60, your backing should be at least 58 x 68. The wadding should be cut the same size, or slightly smaller than the backing. This excess is used for clamping the sides onto the quilting frame.  I am happy to trim your wadding and backing (at no charge) if it is larger than this.

Loose threads – please trim all loose threads on the quilt top, as they may be difficult for you to remove later once they have been quilted over. Also, make sure any loose threads on the back side of the top are trimmed, as they may show through to the front, especially if they are dark coloured.

Fullness – Quilting will not fix all piecing problems, such as fullness or puffiness in your quilt, or uneven, wavy borders, which happens to most of us from time to time. Please be aware that the excess fabric may result in puckers or tucks during quilting, unless you choose to redo these areas first. If there is only slight fullness, I will attempt to ease this in during the quilting process, so long as you are happy to accept any puckers or tucks that may result. 

Ironing – Please iron your top and backing. If it is not ironed, I will quilt as is. If you wish me to iron it for you, my hourly fee applies.

Pinning – Please do not pin or baste your top, wadding or backing together, as each has to be mounted individually on the quilting frame.